Thursday, 10 December 2015

Key Characteristics to Look Out for in a Business Storage Facility

For decades, the borough of Croydon was characterised by having a large percentage of low-grade commercial accommodation and by being over-reliant on the public sector. However, things have changed significantly in a relatively short period of time, since Croydon has diversified its economy and made important infrastructure improvements, thus attracting a wide variety of start-ups and established firms. A recent Financial Times report revealed that Croydon has become a highly sought-after destination for entrepreneurs and investors as it has become a very desirable business location, mainly thanks to its excellent transportation links with central London and to the affordable prices of commercial real estate. According to the report, more than 13,000 new companies were registered in Croydon over a period of three years. As an increasing number of businesses are launched or relocate to Croydon, the need for adequate storage space becomes more pressing.

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