Sunday, 25 January 2015

Moving with Croydon Storage Pros: Helping your Pets Cope with the Move

After you’ve set your plans into motion, enquired about local storage in Croydon, and asked moving pros to help you out, you’re all set for a full-blown address change. If you have a pet, however, just stop and think for a second. Even if it seems everything is about to go shipshape, wait until you see your cute and otherwise well-behaved furry friend go bananas once it realises that you’re moving. Moving into a new home takes a physical and emotional toll on virtually everyone, and pets are no exception. Combine the physically exhausting process with the mental adjustment the new environment requires, and you have the recipe for a stressful endeavour. Humans might be well-suited for the entire shebang, but pets aren’t always so—and communicating the change to them in a positive light is difficult.

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